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Thanks to the mutual esteem and deep respect that unites us with the BIOTiTAN Company, we have decided to develop internationally a wide range of nanotechnology treatments that improve the quality of materials, environmental sustainability and look to the future through innovative techniques. BIOTiTAN is a family history. It all started twenty-seven years ago, thanks to Giuseppe Iaia, the founder, who became passionate about the world of chemistry. An interest that he has cultivated over time until he approaches nanotechnology. In 2017, understanding the potential of the project, his daughter Beatrice took over the company, structuring the commercial division. Nanotechnology services e the products are targeted for the long term transformation and improvement of building materials, industrial e private. These products are used on different surfaces and their application is also studied for those cases that require a more technical and specific study.

Three nano-technological applications, capable of improving the characteristics of the fabric by making it acquire water repellency (fluorine-free), fire resistance and anti-bacterial capabilities, all while maintaining a cycle of total eco-sustainabilit.

  • The water is quickly repelled from the surface thanks to the hydrophobic action that is created
  • Avoids the reproduction and spread of bacteriaand dirt
  • The treated fabric resists flames and prevents their propagation
  • The treated fabric has a mercury effect and prevents all oil-based substances from adhering to and going deep into the fabric.

Is a preparation based on nanotechnologies expressly formulated for the treatment of glass surfaces exposed to sunlight to give the following characteristics, without changing the appearance and transparency of the treated surfaces. Photocatalytic effect for the removal of deposited carbonaceous substances, elimination and the transformation of atmospheric pollutants such as NOx and SOx and the organic nano particulate present in the atmosphere. Self-cleaning effect of the treated surface obtained thanks to the hyper-hydrophilic effect conferred by the nano titanium particles. Hyper-hydrophilicity allows rainwater to perfectly wet surfaces treated with a homogeneous water film which, thanks to the runoff effect, removes contaminants from the surface.

Can be used on many varieties of both smooth and porous surfaces. Some very absorbent surfaces can gain a darker shade: it is recommended, in these cases, to use the PX-07 primer, which significantly reduces the darkening effect. Before applying the product, the surface must be cleansed and free from biological efflorescence. The protective action begins a few hours after application, complete drying takes place in 4 days. After Treatment In the event of subsequent soiling, use only water and a damp cloth, or brush in the case of porous surfaces, if desired with the addition of liquid soap. For large surfaces it is possible to use a high pressure washer with hot water at low pressure (<80bar).

Luxury furniture: between refined and personalized

Wood is a noble and versatile material that is able to convey emotions, transmit taste for beauty, tell a story of excellence and enthusiasm.

When furnitures became a real experience. Our customers want better quality of life in general, for their families and their environments like home, office or store. We aim to create spaces that were designed and furnished following criteria of functionality and beauty. In addition to mere aesthetic choices, we also consider all of the technical and financial aspects: it is an important job and we want to do well and convey a high degree of professionalism and precision. The combination of technical, artisan and design skills united with consolidated partnerships with the most important Italian design companies has made us a reference point, a symbol of quality and a guarantee of Italian.

Expert hands led by creativity and passion, in line with tradition. Proud hands to create “Made in Italy”.

When luxury is in fashion