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Everyone does Sharing Marketing every day! Think about when you recommend your new hairdresser to a friend, or a restaurant where you ate very well, or that wonderful travel that you bring in your heart and so on. It would be nice to be able to earn simply by sharing something we like, right?

Every person is in potential real and digital connection, everyone can monetize using this logic as a vehicle for marketing. Based on this universal system, many companies decide to spend less money on advertising but to invest more in their network of direct consumers of products or services. Thanks to this system, items are also promoted and sold through influencers and direct consumers. This method of sharing turns out to be very successful because it is perceived as close and real. The story of those who can show the benefits or the pleasure, the proof of videos or photos that make us feel part of a reality and not a fantasy.

Let’s take a simple example, but personal and therefore witnessed in the first person: in this photo you can see my face after my accident on November 9, 2002.

I was pedaling a bicycle until, after a bad fall, the still moving wheels bounced on my face and the spokes cut off my nose, cheekbones, lip and chin, like a slicer. I didn’t die because I had a headscarf around my neck that protected my throat. Now I will not tell you how my life has changed since that day but surgical interventions, hospitalizations, and many tests to overcome have followed. In 2017 there was yet another nose surgery and a cycle of laser sessions that I had absolutely no intention of ending because of the pain I experienced. My surgeon recommended a serum to be combined with a natural food supplement, these products were very famous in America but not in Italy. Taking care of the body from the outside with internal support is always a winning key. He told me that if the wound did not improve in the nine months after I started using these products, I would have to undergo new surgeries. The wound healed in only three months! The most curious aspect was that in the following months I found myself ordering many boxes of those products for the people who had been able to verify those benefits on me and the company recognized me some benefits for this!

What I want to emphasize is that first-hand experience has generated credibility and trust. This is why if you share our products and services after having really benefited from them, you will receive different benefits for each purchase linked to your code.

“The power to share what  we love is such only when it brings added value to the lives of others”



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