Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.

We have decided to make this statement a reality thanks to the passions of our customers. Golf, horses, marble, coin platforms, nanotechnologies, music… these are just some of the areas that we have developed together with you and we want to develop others because – without sharing – passion would not be the engine that moves the world.

When our passions become

our best investments too

There are many people who in recent months go to Dubai to live their golf experience, motivated by the environmental conditions that are starting to be adverse and which complicate or inhibit the possibility of practicing sport in their lands. Dubai is a city that rises in the middle of the desert and thanks to its subtropical climate it offers warm months all year round. This makes it, especially in the period between October and April, an excellent destination for all golf tourism of the European and Russian area.

It is possible to invest with us in the passion for horses but there are two very important factors that enthusiasts do not always have at their disposal: time and life experience. In the first case, we know that raising a horse involves a certain daily dedication. In the second case, despite the knowledge of the equestrian world and riding skills, we know that it is not always possible to be an expert on what happens in the breeding phase and which requires a presence in the field and acquired over the years. The goal of our project is to create a new farm and a new breeder thanks to our supervision and the channels that our experts will make available. Thanks to Arabian Essence it is possible to take advantage, for example, of a marketing and media support already consolidated over time and worldwide. We bring your passion to the United Arab Emirates and together create a herd that can be recognized worldwide for its quality and high standards.

Arabian Essence

Whoever knows how to love and respect a horse will also know how to treat people with equal love and respect; and whoever knows how to raise the morale of horses also knows how to lift the spirits of those around him...

Marble is one of the most appreciated and used materials for the furnishing of private and public buildings. Based on the composition, of origin and chromatic peculiarities, it is possible to identify numerous types of marble, each symbol of a different interpretation of elegance and charm. The Italian quarries have set the highest quality standards control and everything from selection to cutting the blocks for packaging and shipping are performed with precision.

The ECOM project was created to improve the corporate ecosystem and follow the perspective of prevention in front of the cyclical nature of the markets. Through specific levers it is possible to create a system of automatic incomes that cover certain predictable costs and guarantee the stability of free cash-flow. This system is also applicable to personal economic sustainability.

We provide yacht brokerage services worldwide. Yacht over 40 meters touted to provide fuel savings in excess of 30%. We work to promote eco- yachts where innovations in energy efficiency range from advances in hull design to hybrid power-trains.

Money doesn't buy you happiness, but it buys you a big enough yacht to sail right up to it (Johnny Depp)

Thanks to the collaboration of Doctor Chef, Imologia has studied seven specific recipes for our sign areas. Even in food with its spices, vegetables, fruits… there is hidden a sign language that recalls our body. We are alive because the Universe wanted us and in it we can find the essential conditions to live a better life, but we must know how to go further and read the deeper meanings.

The truth is within everyone's reach and is expressed in a simple phrase: we are what we eat. Few people think of the miracle that happens when we eat: that food that we ingest and that, inside us, like an alchemical process, is transformed ... it becomes part of our blood, of our cells... (Hippocrates)

Thanks to a specialized team on site, we offer personalized experiences and create dedicated events for every need with the aim of creating an unforgettable atmosphere in a unique city like Dubai.

Dubai Style Nails: EXPO2020 Style and Iconic Style. We decided to create a trend with a real branding nails made in Italy: from nails designed especially for Expo2020 to nails that recreate the most iconic buildings and moments of Dubai. One week a month you will have the opportunity to meet our experts who will come specially from Italy to create individual or group beauty days designed specifically for all needs.

Private desert safaris, boat trips, driving luxury cars, private jets, expo tastings, business tours, intercultural exchanges, guided tours and special requests. All this is part of a network of collaborations that has made it possible to create CoT Luxory Club as a tool that can facilitate the needs of our customers.


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